Monday, December 12, 2011

Advertising fail from a Medicare advisor

I recently received an unsolicited advertisement that read, in part, as follows:

Senior Health Care Advisor
xxxxxxx Victorville, CA 92395

You're Source for Medicare Health and Drug Plans
Medicare Choices Made Easy

Congratulations! On your upcoming 65 birthday.

Please allow me to introduce myself...

So, please call xxxxxxx @ 760-xxx-xxxx to make an appointment. I will come to your home or you can come to my office in Spring Valley Lake....

I'm sure that xxxxxxx paid a lot for the mailing list that was used, but there are two issues with the mailing list that was purchased.

First, I live in Ontario. The chances of my driving from Ontario all the way to Victorville to meet a Medicare advisor are pretty slim.

Second, no one in our family is even close to our 65th birthday. Will xxxxxxx still be providing Medicare advice a couple of decades from now? I'm probably not going to retain xxxxxxx's advertisement that long.

Oh, and by the way, xxxxxxx, "you're" advertisement has at least one glaring grammatical error. If the advertisement has to have a grammatical error, don't put it in the title.

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