Monday, April 4, 2011

Now Ontario is getting interesting...

I subscribe to Matt Munson's blog Inland Utopia, and I was intrigued with the opening of this blog post:

If it is true that Supervisor and former mayor of the city Ontario gets arrested for his alleged political corruption, I guess the city of Ontario will have to rename the city library because one, some of these crimes were related to him being city councilman and mayor, and two we should not reward a black stain in the history of our city.

For those who don't know who Munson is talking about, the official name of the city's library is the Ovitt Family Community Library. One member of the Ovitt family, Gary, is a former mayor (and former high school teacher at Chaffey High) and current San Bernardino County Supervisor.

Munson didn't give any more specifics, so I went to iePolitics (Munson either was or still is associated with this site), and they provided a little more detail:

We have now heard from multiply (sic) sources connected to law enforcement that the FBI investigation in Upland is far from over. We have heard the current target is Supervisor Gary Ovitt.

That particular post elicited a comment from a name from Ontario's past - Debbie Acker:

When I faced lawsuits while serving in my capacity as an Ontario citycouncil member, Ovitt was Mayor. He and the rest of the council chose not to indeminify me. As a result I had to get my own attorney. I filed a cross-complaint and ultimately the city paid for my attorneys fees. Ovitt is a dirty guy and soon he will be found out!!

By the time I started blogging, Acker's political career was almost over, but I still worked in some references to the Ovitt-Acker enmity. For example, when I reproduced a portion of a Deborah Acker real estate ad in April 2005, I gave my post the title "I Bet Gary Ovitt Won't Use This Real Estate Agent." Acker, by the way, is no longer listed as a real estate agent with Century 21 King Real Estate, although she still has a valid real estate license.

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