Tuesday, April 5, 2011

But Ontario has always been interesting...

No, this post doesn't have anything to do with corruption.

A brief history - for a brief period after my arrival in California in late 1983, I semi-regularly attended the young adult group at the First Baptist Church of San Antonio Heights. One of the people that I met there was Tad Decker, whose father Bruce owned the Paint Bucket store in Ontario and the newer Paint Bucket location in Upland.

I had lost track of the Deckers, but I recently happened upon this David Allen post from February 2009 that I had somehow missed the first time around. The article was devoted to two long-gone restaurants, including this one as shared by Dave Linck:

"Another long-gone fave was O'Reilly's Buffet Burger on Holt near Mountain, which is now housing The Paint Bucket. O'Reilly's was beloved among we kids because they sent you a coupon for a free 'Buffet Burger' on your birthday. O'Reilly's served burgers, broasted chicken and dip sandwiches.

"There was a 'buffet bar' where you could dress your burger as you liked, as well as a twin 'sundae bar' where you could do so with ice cream sundaes. It was always crowded and I am sure lots of people will respond with their own memories of this long-gone icon of burger cool."

Ms. Lois shared a comment praising O'Reilly's and closed it as follows:

I really hate that Paint Bucket. :)

So who should post a follow-up comment? My old long-lost friend Tad Decker. Noting the smiley face on Ms. Lois' comment, Decker responded in kind:

Hey, Ms. Lois, don't blame us for O'Reilly's demise...it was long gone before we moved here in 1978 :)

Faithfully yours since 1948,
Paint Bucket, Inc.

That gave David Allen his opening:

[Nice to know the Paint Bucket isn't seeing red over this. -- DA]

The Paint Bucket is still going strong, at least in its Ontario location (I haven't been on that stretch of East Foothill Boulevard lately).

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