Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Civilc pride fail - Orange County holds an event in San Bernardino County

Does this strike anyone else as funny?

Orange County Department of Education’s Inside the Outdoors program will host the annual Get Outdoors! OC event at the Wildlands Conservancy at Oak Glen Preserve in Yucaipa on Saturday, April 16th from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. The event challenges families to get outdoors and enjoy all that the surrounding landscape has to offer.

Yes, you read that right - Orange County residents are encouraged to go to the outdoors - in Yucaipa, which is in San Bernardino County and is over 50 miles away from Orange County.

William M. Habermehl, Orange County Superintendent of Schools stated, “As summer fast approaches, the Get Outdoors! OC event serves as a reminder to families that any place can be a place to play. With trees to climb, rocks to skip, and trails to explore, nature is the ultimate playground.”

Well, if any place can be a place to play, then why not find a place to play within Orange County? Perhaps I shouldn't be tooting Orange County's horn - this is an Inland Empire blog, after all - but Superintendent Habermehl may want to check out, a listing of parks within Orange County itself.

OC Parks manages nearly 60,000 acres of parks, historical and coastal facilities and open space for the County of Orange as part of OC Community Resources.

OC Parks includes roughly 32,000 acres in more than 20 urban and wilderness parks, 7 miles of beaches and other coastal facilities and 27,000 acres of open space lands.

Do you think that the Orange County families could find a place to play in Orange County? Bet they can. Perhaps the Orange County Department of Education, whose "Inside the Outdoors" office is located in REDLANDS, should try to cooperate with OC Parks.

And people still think that the government is working against us. The government can't even work with itself.

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