Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ontario, California tweeters

Back in May, I wrote about the "My Local Pledge" people. They still have their @OntarioCA Twitter account, with local content such as the following:

It's Legal Drinking Age Day! To those 21+ what is your favorite adult beverage & where do you go to get it?

For some strange reason, no one has been moved to respond to @OntarioCA's tweets lately. To be fair, however, Twitter only keeps about four seconds of tweets online in its search engine, so older tweets to @OntarioCA such as this one can't be called up on Twitter any more.

I poked around and found @OntarioCAAlerts, a service that posts hourly weather reports. Not exactly interactive, however. (@OntarioCAJobs is similar, sort of.)

Now Wefollow has an entire directory of Ontario, California Twitter users. However, until recently I was not part of that directory - when I joined Wefollow, I was restricted to using three tags, so I chose business, music, and inlandempire. I've since added the Ontario, California location (and an ntnbuzztime tag).

Regarding Ontario, California Twitter users, be sure to check out Etsy lover @lanakinbuddys; the auto tweeters @SavageBMWParts, @EconixUSA, and @BoshartEngineer; and @DaveyDESTRUCT.

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