Thursday, June 4, 2009

Perhaps Mary Petit should move to Rancho Cucamonga

kitchen garden by *Susie* (chasetheclouds) used under a Creative Commons License

I've written about Mary Petit on April 16 and May 20. You'll recall that she's the woman who wants to start a community garden in the north Upland-San Antonio Heights area, but she has faced opposition from her neighbors.

RC Now has posted the following:

Plans to start a community garden on Foothill west of Day Creek will be discussed at a 7 p.m. meeting [tonight, June 4] at the Lions West Community Center. Dee Matreyek is forming a team of community leaders to brainstorm ideas for the 15-acre garden.

Well, perhaps I'm being overly hopeful. Perhaps the Rancho Cucamongans will be as horrified about nasty fertilizer and animals as the San Antonians.

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