Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Travis Clark, the boy who passed away on Tuesday

Travis Clark, a boy who attends my church, passed away on Tuesday morning after battling a malignant tumor for a year.

One highlight of the last year of Travis' life was the opportunity to talk with Gene Kranz of NASA fame.

Also see comments on Kranz at Collect Space.

The sad thing about the video - the Fox reporter identified Travis as living in Loma Linda. He actually lived in another city - Loma Linda is where he was hospitalized for portions of the last year of his life. (For those who don't know the Inland Empire, the Loma Linda University Medical Center is an extensive medical facility.) But when you're seriously ill, a hospital often becomes your "home."

My understanding, however, is that Travis was actually able to return to his real home before he passed away. I have known other people who were terminally ill, and some of them were able to return home to pass away, while others were not.

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