Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bad blood runs red...and white

I really need to get out more. You've probably heard of the Joseph Filippi Winery in our area. Now whenever I hear the winery's name, I automatically think of a former co-worker named Joe Filippi. My Filippi lives in Ohio, however, and I don't think he has a vineyard. Regarding the California Filippi, all I knew was that Gino Filippi would occasionally write for our local paper, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. Oh, how little I knew! It turns out that Gino and his brother Joe don't get along:

Joe fired Gino from his vice president post in 2007 but Gino remained on the board and continues to own 45 percent of the company. Gino then sued Joe for firing him without cause. Joe counter sued, accusing Gino of taking money from the business and testing positive for cocaine.

OK, there have been all sorts of shenanigans in various industries lately, but I've never heard one board member insist that another board member take a drug test.

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