Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're number 3 - I'd hate to see numbers 1 and 2

Some more real estate news from Housing Kaboom:

According to the National [A]ssociation of Realtors, Riverside/San Bernardino was number 3 in the biggest year over year price decline in the US for the second quarter of 2008. According to their data Riv/SB saw the median price fall 32.7% to $265K. We were beat out by Sacramento, number 1 with a decline of 35.6%, and Fort Meyers Florida, #2 with a decline of 33.1%.

What's amazing is that this is a year-over-year drop. I think it was over a year ago that a house on my street was on the market forever, with a price just about $400K. Don't know what it finally sold for.

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