Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fair to Middling

The Claremont Insider reminds us that the Los Angeles County Fair, which is actually held on the far eastern end of Los Angeles County is coming soon.

But while Inland Empire real estate prices are going down, Inland Empire fair prices are apparently going up. Or apparently I've just been ignoring the prices lately, or surviving on ticket deals. Here are the admission prices:

Ages 13+ (Weekends) $17
Ages 13+ (Weekdays) $12
Ages 6 -12 (Weekends) $12
Ages 6 -12 (Weekdays) $7
Ages 5 and younger (every day) Free

Ages 60+ (weekends) $14
Ages 60+ (weekdays) $9
Ages 60+ Senior Wednesdays $6

Group Sales, ages 13+ (20 or more adults) $10
Group Sales, ages 6-12 (20 or more) $6
Group Sales, ages 60+ (20 or more) $5

But if you enter on the first day (Friday, September 5) before 5:00 pm, admission is only $1.

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