Monday, August 25, 2008

Is a DUI checkpoint truly a DUI checkpoint?

We hear about all of these DUI checkpoints. But what do they really accomplish? The Inland Empire News Blog reported the results of a DUI checkpoint in Lake Elsinore on Friday, August 22.

During the checkpoint hours, a total of 1389 vehicles were screened. Of these vehicles, 185 were diverted into the secondary screening area resulting in the issuing of 138 citations. 35 vehicles were towed or impounded due to unlicensed or suspended drivers. Five persons were arrested for driving while intoxicated, one person was arrested for possession of illegal drugs and four arrest warrants were served.

More here.

Now libertarians can claim that the term "DUI checkpoint" is a misnomer, since most of the police activity had nothing to do with DUI (only 5 DUI arrests, vs. 35 issues with unlicensed or suspended drivers, for example).

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