Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Other local blogs, the January 2017 edition

I recently conducted a semi-vanity search - I was searching for the phrase used in one of my recent posts, "My philosophy is color philosophy," and the search hit on a blogroll at the Original Skrip blog site.

I've lost track of a lot of these sites since Google Reader's demise, and I need to repopulate my feedly feed for local blogs.

Original Skrip itself last posted in November, writing about Pomona/Claremont Package Thieves. (Hope they caught the woman.)

Images of Pomona wrote about the Seashore Trolley Museum - which isn't in Pomona, but looks nice.

David Allen recently wrote about Gravity Hill in the north Upland area.

The Goddess of Garey Avenue had a winter-themed post that included the view from the Pomona Valley Mining Company.

Everything else in the blogroll is either out of area, or very old.

If you have an Inland Empire/Inland Valley/Pomona Valley/whatever blog, feel free to mention it in the comments.

P.S. For those who remember the Inland Empress, she now lives WAY inland - as in Arizona. She is now a teacher and is very happy.

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