Saturday, June 25, 2011

One day in June

So anyways, I was at Country Cuts in Ontario this morning, getting my hair cut.

While sitting in the barber chair, I flashed back to an episode in a story in which the (fictional) President of the United States was getting his hair trimmed, right in the midst of a national crisis. I believe that the episode occurred in Seven Days in May, which I read decades ago. Since the Ontario Library is just down the street from Country Cuts, I thought I'd go there and check out the book.

The Ontario Library has no book with the title Seven Days in May.

I logged into one of the online computers, found the names of the co-authors (Fletcher Knebel and Charles W Bailey II), and then did an author search. No such luck.

You know that you're old when you look for a book that is so old that even the library doesn't have it.

P.S. The aforementioned Country Cuts now has its own Facebook page.

[11:20 POSTSCRIPT] The link above goes to a generic page. Country Cuts' own page is here.

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