Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Join the Wal-Mart conversation at Inland Utopia

For some unknown reason, a 2008 Matt Munson post about Wal-Mart has suddenly attracted a number of comments.

Naturally, I had to join in, and it was just then that I realized how long this whole Wal-Mart thing has dragged out.

Heck, I was writing about City Rentals' pollution record back in 2005. (And if you don't know what City Rentals has to do with Wal-Mart, perhaps this post from the same period may offer a clue.)

And perhaps it's appropriate to repeat part of what I wrote in 2010:

You see, Briggs hasn't only opposed the Walmart in Ontario. At around the same time that the Ontario Mountain Village Association started its battle, there was a battle that was being waged in another city....

On January 2, Cory Briggs of Upland registered an organization called the "Murrietans for Smart Growth." (He also registered an organization called "Blythe Citizens for Smart Growth" on the same day.) One day later, the Murrietans for Smart Growth filed a suit to block a SuperTarget in Murrieta.

Now the city of Murrieta hadn't run into a lot of Murrietans who were demanding smart growth, and people began to wonder if the only one demanding this was non-Murrietan Cory Briggs.

Read the rest here.

Since I wrote that post, the Target in Montclair has expanded to include a full grocery section. Yes, that's the Target in Montclair, California - the Target that used to be in Ontario, California way back before Mountain and 5th became the Cory Briggs Ghetto Vandalism Park. (Anthony Muñoz must be so proud.)

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