Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Follow-up on my local cluelessness

Earlier today, I shared a post in which I confessed that I wasn't aware of the investigation into Upland mayor - now former mayor - John Pomierski.

Later in the day on February 22 - presumably below his furlocation - David Allen weighed in on the episode, drawing parallels between Pomierski's departure from office and the departures/possible departures of others.

My theory is that, in a last-ditch effort to cling to power, Pomierski had ordered Upland's air force to bomb San Antonio Heights. But pilots at Cable Airport had refused to carry out his order, since that would have required them to put down their coffee cups at Maniac Mike's Cafe.


Akin to another past leader of renown, I like to imagine Pomierski flashing a "V" for victory sign and waving farewell from the City Hall lawn as the emergency medical helicopter - the Upland equivalent of Marine One - carried him away.

But Allen did turn serious when discussing the ramifications of Pomierski's resignation.

[H]is departure, while overdue, was the right thing to do. The eight-month investigation by the FBI and IRS had cost Pomierski his legitimacy and his insistence on remaining was distracting everyone.

Except, of course, for yours truly - the clueless one.

Be sure to read the rest of Allen's column here.

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