Thursday, October 1, 2009

More airport news

Airport issues rage on at Ontario airport, while San Bernardino airport works off the ground. The Press Enterprise has covered both stories.


For the first time since 1988, a decade before two multi million-dollar terminals were built , fewer than 5 million travelers are expected to use Ontario International Airport,according to a forecast from the airport.

Now that is a stunner. I moved here in 1983, and back in 1988 the airport pretty much consisted of a single terminal at the end of Vineyard Avenue. This was back when "boarding the plane" meant taking a walk outside on the runway and climbing the steps. So what the figures are saying is that we could close Terminal 2 and Terminal 4, move everything to the old terminal, and still get along fine. Don't hold your breath for the construction of Terminal 3 any time soon.

San Bernardino:

Looking to lure passenger carriers to a nearly completed passenger terminal, San Bernardino International Airport officials this week approved a long-discussed package of incentives, worth more than $2.5 million for each airline it can draw.

And where could San Bernardino airport potentially get airlines? From Ontario, of course, where airlines are already pulling out because of Ontario airport's high rates. Heck, if someone's gonna pay you to move your facilities 23.5 miles, why not do it?

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