Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I didn't know William Randolph Hearst lived in Corona

I just saw something in Housing Kaboom that completely floored me.

Now there are probably very valid real estate schools of thought that dictate that you should not overbuild your house relative to your neighbors. To a point, I don't really care about very valid real estate schools of thought. If I ever find myself in the position to build my own house from scratch, I'm going to build what I like, regardless of whether it's twice the value or half the value of the neighbors or whatever.

But on the other hand, I might have a problem selling it later when I get tired of it.

Now Corona is a nice city, and I'm sure that there are very nice houses in the city. But you don't think of Corona as the place where a house would be listed for $10,995,000.

No, that's not a typo. That's not $1,995,000...that's $10,995,000.

But listen to what you get for that price:

Beds: 6
Baths: 10
Sq. Ft.: 14,873
$/Sq. Ft.: $739
Lot Size: 3.9 Acres

And that's just the numeric facts. Then you get into the textual information:

Bedroom Information

* 2 Master Bedrooms
* Dressing Room/Area
* Main Floor Bedroom
* Master Bedroom Balcony
* Master Bedroom Retreat
* Master Suite
* Sitting Room/Area
* Walk-In Closet

Fireplace Information

* Has Fireplace
* See Through
* Uses Both Gas & Wood
* In Family Room
* In Library
* In Master Bedroom
* In Master Bedroom Retreat
* Other Location

Disability Access Information

* Elevator

But wait! There's more...much more. The funniest part was toward the bottom:

Nearby Similar Listings

No similar listings could be found.

But since a picture is worth a thousand words, let me share one of the pictures associated with the listing.

No, that's not the Hearst Castle. That's the home on 1111 Casper Circle.

View Larger Map

More pictures at the listing and at Housing Kaboom.

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