Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tequila Hoppers for NTN Buzztime is educational

As I previously shared in this blog, I visited Tequila Hoppers on August 12, but the Upland establishment was closed due to an emergency. Well, the bar was open tonight, and I had the opportunity to play some trivia. You can see the trivia details, as well as a little bit about the waitresses riding a bull (sorry, no pictures), in a post in my Empoprise-NTN blog. I did want to mention a couple of things about Tequila Hoppers, though.

I got an interesting greeting from one of the patrons after I arrived. Perhaps due to my advancing age, I'm not exactly a party animal, and I certainly don't drink as much as I used to 30 years ago. So it was kind of interesting to hear a guy farther down the bar yelling that I should be waterboarded. Luckily he didn't insist on this, and there's a good chance that he forgot his suggestions five seconds after making it.

That's when I noticed that one of the games on the Tequila Hoppers televisions was a pre-season Oakland Raiders game. "Uh oh," I thought. However, things worked out fine, just as they did in 2007 when I went to Oracle OpenWorld in a plane along with the Raider Nation, headed to Oakland Coliseum. Eventually the mechanical bull attracted more attention than the Raiders game. Of course, that's probably because this guy wasn't at the bar tonight.

They had some good specials at Tequila Hoppers tonight. I didn't get the cheap bottled beers, but I did enjoy a couple of spicy 75 cent tacos.

Glad they were open tonight.

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