Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm charged up...electricity. Sing in a car, in Korean.

Back in March, I mentioned the Edison International Vehicle Electric Plant in Pomona, California in connection with President Obama's visit. And a Presidential visit brings publicity. Perhaps the Inland Empire will become the electric car capital of the world. Perhaps not. But there is IE news on the electric car front:

A South Korean manufacturer will build battery-powered vehicles at a factory along Interstate 215 near Moreno Valley and create several hundred new jobs, a Riverside County spokesman said Friday.

The company, CT&T United, the American subsidiary of CT&T Korea Ltd., will sign a deal Thursday to take over a vacant recreational vehicle plant....

But this line was a bit amusing:

The identity of the RV firm that is selling the plant to CT&T was withheld at the request of both parties....

Gosh, you wouldn't want people to know the identity of the RV firm. Perhaps the bad publicity might put the RV firm into financial trouble.

But I'd be willing to bet that CT&T will have a pretty festive grand opening. Perhaps they can invite a Fleetwood Mac tribute band to the festivities.

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