Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is American Sports University?

basketball court by Allison Yoshimura (Ali San) used under a Creative Commons License

I read a press release that is entitled "American Sports University to launch the International Sports Avenue of Stars." They're in very early planning - nominations don't close until July 1 - but I have a more basic question - what is American Sports University? The press release says the following:

American Sports University is the only four-year university in the nation dedicated to preparing those students who are interested in the sports industry. A 501(c)(3) non-profit institution, ASU is committed to providing a healthy educational and athletic environment for students while playing an active role in the revitalization and development of San Bernardino.

The university's website says more:

The American Sports University (ASU) is an independent, non-profit private institution granting bachelor and master degrees in the discipline of Sports Education. The undergraduate degree program leads to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Education. Degree and certificate course work is available for students who wish to concentrate in: Sports Marketing; Sports Management; Sports Coaching; Personal Training and Fitness; Sports Health; Sports Recreation Management; Sports Journalism; Sports Broadcast; Sports and Special and Sport Facility and Personal Security Management and Golf Management. Our programs emphasize theoretical and practical sport experiences in each of the emphasis areas.

The word "accredited" does not appear, but there is a similar-sounding word that is used:

The university is approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary & Vocational Education of the State of California (BPPVE).

Oh, and if you're not interested in attending, perhaps you can become the University's Vice President. Craigslist has the ad. Excerpt:

As a New University, (3 years), ASU and the Board of Trustees seek a Vice President that understands the challenges of such a university. The New Vice President will need to have sufficient financial stability to be able to grow with the university and the performance-based incentive compensation plan he/she will work under.

The New Vice President will lead the total organization to a position of preeminence in undergraduate and graduate learning, research, and public service.

In other words, the Vice President is in charge of fund-raising.

Par for the course for a college executive these days....

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