Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Someone in the Inland Empire is hiring

Over the last few months, I've run across several very talented people who have been laid off.

Well, one of them (James Johnson of the Inland Empire .NET User Group) has been hired:

Say hello to the new Senior .NET Developer for I will be in charge of new development and will be assembling a team to build even better energy management systems which EnerPath is famous for. The company is cool, everyone is happy, laid back, and insanely intelligent. Some of my new co-workers are members of the IEDOTNETUG. And best of all…wait for it… the office is 15 minutes away from my house.

Congratulations to James, who starts his new job on May 6.

And congratulations to, who's getting a talented person. Although IMHO they need a marketer who speaks English rather than marketing-ese:

EnerPath products will continue to enhance the experience of our customers and we will continue to amaze our most valued customers in developing, designing, improving and advancing our tools and capabilities. We are committed to a culture that constructs the best software/tools in our industry, is a fluid incubator of thoughts, ideas and vision; a culture that listens to our customers, and to each other, and creates real value in form and functionality integrating EnerPath’s awesome array of products. We are committed to an environment that is fun and stimulating and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth....

Enterprise Solutions in the Services Industry will continue to Transcend Business. EnerPath™ Technologies will help revolutionize business processes for a wide range of customers including utility companies, energy services companies, in facilities management and the asset management market sectors.

I'm sure, however, that their transcendent, fluidly-incubated, enhancing ideals actually do translate to something concrete for their stakeholders - I mean customers. (And no, EnerPath didn't say "stakeholders" - that's a word that I'm guilty of using.)

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