Sunday, October 19, 2008

Perhaps silk tires will do the trick

Housing Kaboom occasionally uncovers a true gem, or at least something pretty close to a TRUE gem.

I've mentioned this blog before, but its (current) sole purpose in life is to faithfully record the drastic reductions in housing prices in the Inland Empire of California. As part of this, Housing Kaboom sometimes looks at not-so-nice houses for which sellers are quoting very high prices...and sometimes the blog looks at nice houses.

Last Monday, it profiled a house that was a little too nice:

In the heady days of the real estate boom the fastest way to maximize your profit was to upgrade. High end appliances, travertine, granite, and fancy landscaping were all used to maximize profits. But how much is too much? Well here's your answer:

Marble tile on the garage floor is TOO MUCH!

The post then shows a picture of said garage floor, along with this additional observation:

And layed at a 45 too! with a fancy beveled edge to boot. What the hell was this guy thinking. How many people want a marble floor in the garage?

Now, to be fair, I don't put a car in my garage. But that's because of all the other stuff that happens to be in my garage - stuff that I wouldn't want to be resting on top of a marble floor.

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