Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Come to the United States and Drive Up Haven Avenue

If you live in the western end of the Inland Empire, you know how Chaffey College is marketed to you.

But do you know how it's marketed to...other countries?

Yes, Chaffey College attracts an international presence.

The website studyusa.com includes a Chaffey College profile designed for international students:

Chaffey College students and staff appreciate the opportunity to work and study with students from more than 50 countries. The campus community values international students' contribution to the learning environment and is committed to ensuring a successful academic experience for all students....

The International Student Office is pleased to welcome new students and provide ongoing service to address the unique needs of international students. Available services include application processing, orientation, immigration information, academic guidance, career planning, campus employment and housing referrals.
Social and cultural activities are planned throughout the year to provide opportunities for international students to make friends, celebrate special events and learn about American culture....

International students must show proof of English proficiency by providing one of the following: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 450 or 133 computer-based or 45-46 (IBT), or a transcript indicating 6 years of English instruction, or a letter or certificate documenting completion of Intensive English School. International students may also enroll Chaffey College's English as a Second Language Program to prepare for the TOEFL exam and placement into college courses.

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