Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why is a death in Tent City more newsworthy than a death on Armsley Square?

The predecessor to this blog was a blog that was solely focused on Ontario, California, and that blog spent a lot of time discussing Tent City.

The Daily Bulletin just ran some news about Tent City, under the headline "Man found dead in Tent City." The man in question was John Virgil Allsup, a 54 year old man who hadn't been seen by his friends in two days, and whose body was found on Wednesday, June 25.

Considering all of the controversy about Tent City, the article headline is bound to grab attention. Was the man beaten up? Did the man have an overdose?

But once you delve into the article itself, you see this statement from police officer Bill Russell:

There's no foul play at this point.

In other words, this death is just like any other death in Ontario, California. People die in Ontario all the time, but they don't merit Daily Bulletin articles about their death. In this case, the only reason to run the article was the "Tent City" factor.

Oh, well. It sells papers, I guess.

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