Friday, February 19, 2016

IE, we have our own Geddon! (Or is it a Gate?)

It used to be that "-gate" was the most popular suffix on record. Every scandal after Watergate ended up getting a name that also ended in "gate."

Well, there's a new suffix in town.

It started over on the West Side, when a multi-day closure of Interstate 405 was announced. Adapting the word "Armageddon," this closure was popularly referred to as "Carmageddon."

So now that we in the IE are getting our own weekend closure, the popular name that has emerged for the Corona closure is...Coronageddon.

And its effects will be felt well beyond Corona, because there will be no good way to get from Yorba Linda (and the eastern part of Orange County) to Corona (and the western part of Riverside County). For example, my home city of Ontario may feel the effects of people coming all the way north to State Route 60 to get from place to place.

But back to the name.

You know what this means. Now every Southern California freeway closure will be referred to as a Geddon. Maybe we'll have a Ramgeddon when the Inglewood stadium is built. In my case, a Diamondgeddon would be extremely disastrous.

And then the suffix, like our gangs, will spread out of southern California and infect the whole country. Arlington, Virginia - is a Shirleygeddon in your future?

But that's not the worst of it. One day, one of these freeway closures will result in some sort of scandal.

And you know what that means.


P.S. For the latest news on Coronageddon - whoops, the "91 Steer Clear" - visit

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