Friday, December 6, 2013

If this is "futuristic," then we in the Inland Empire live in the future

I previously read this:

Two small Northeast airports, Syracuse and Atlantic City, have installed futuristic unmanned portals to replace security officers at the airports’ exit points. The move, which will add a few seconds to the end of passengers’ trips as they exit the airports, is estimated to save airports millions of dollars in wages over time....

Travelers are directed to step into the cylinder pods and wait as the door slides shut. After a few seconds, a second door slides open with a voice instructing passengers to “Please exit.”

By the way, I've flown into the Atlantic City airport, but I don't recall going through such a portal; perhaps they hadn't been installed yet.

But I have been through such a portal...when visiting a bank here in the Inland Empire. I don't think the portal employed voice commands, but I do recall entering the portal, having the door close behind me, and then being able to go through the second door.

Such technology makes sense for banks, who always have to deal with the possibility of someone entering the bank, making an unauthorized withdrawal, and then departing. I would presume that any bank robber with smart would avoid a bank with such portals.

But I wouldn't call the portals "futuristic."

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