Saturday, December 1, 2012

I bet that Jeff Pope disagreed with David Courtney on one thing

If you haven't already read it, KGGI deejay Jeff Pope wrote a touching recollection of David Courtney, longtime announcer who suddenly passed away.

Pope has known Courtney for years and years, since they both worked at Metro Networks (some of you may recall the days when Pope did traffic on X103.9). Pope's post mentioned several favors that he received from Courtney over the years, including opportunities to announce both Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks games.

Pope then says:

Later, when I got the PA announcing job with the Ontario Reign 4 years ago, I sent him an e-mail, thanking him for helping me get the gig (thinking he had called someone with the Reign to recommend me for the job)

He responded, "I never contacted the team, you got that job all on your own."

I suspect that Pope disagreed on that point. Perhaps he technically got the Reign job on his own, but he probably wouldn't have gotten it if it hadn't been for the favors that David Courtney provided in the past.

There's much more in Pope's post - read it here.

P.S. Years ago, I knew two small businessmen in Rancho Cucamonga who got Rick Monday to record their business answering machine greeting. Not sure what happened to Steve Louderback and Alan Smith...

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