Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perhaps I'm taking RedFusion's promotion too seriously

The announcement was bold: Inland Empire marketing firm has client featured by Jay Leno on the "Tonight Show." And the article made a point of mentioning the firms involved: The brochure was designed by the marketing firm, RedFusion Media and was printed by Redlands Print Shop, both located in Redlands, California. There's only one minor little problem. Leno MADE FUN of the brochure. Specifically, Leno was amused by the copy that said that Longmont Dairy's milk "is unconditionally guaranteed until you drink it!" There are two ways in which that statement can be interpreted, and Leno chose the interpretation that would get him laughs. However, Longmont Dairy chose to use the lemons to make lemonade (if I may mix my drink references). "We find it amusing that our guarantee is actually so humorous, and we have sent him some samples so he can see how good our product really is." But do you really want your firm to be known for writing confusing copy? If so, I know a blogger who would be more than happy to write all of your copy in a confusing manner.

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