Monday, May 16, 2011

In case you wine - I mean whine - about Upland's personnel delays

This is a little bit dated, but I figure that there are people like me who haven't really been keeping up with the scandal in Upland. (I doubt I'm the only clueless one out there.) This has engulfed a number of people, including the mayor and the city manager. The mayor has already resigned, and the city manager was fired - but not until early May.

Why did the Upland City Council take so long to act? You see, there's a law:

A statute in the city's municipal code prohibited the council from terminating Quincey within 180 days of an election if a new council member was elected. Councilman Gino L. Filippi was elected on Nov. 2.

The presumed reason for this was to make sure that the Council didn't take advantage of a new Council member. For the record, Filippi joined the other Council members in unanimously voting to terminate Robb Quincey.

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