Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ontario, we have to get on the ball - goga's recruiting

While the Empoprise-IE blog is targeted to all of the Inland Empire, I naturally have a preference for stories that relate to my hometown of Ontario. Despite this, I don't really keep up with other bloggers in the city (other than Matt Munson).

At the same time, there is a thriving community of bloggers in Pomona.

And the Goddess of Garey Avenue wants to see that community expand:

I am writing this article purely to encourage others to join the Pomona blogosphere, or to help encourage the blogfaded. Also, given that us Pomona bloggers are going to have a blogger’s float in the Pomona Christmans Parade this year, I thought an article to help even more Pomonians to join us would be a timely adventure.

The Goddess explains exactly what a blog is, provides some examples of local blogs, lists three services that allow you to blog for free (one of her listed services, blogspot.com, is used for this very blog), describes some alternative ways to host your blog, and provides the names of some people who can assist new bloggers.

All in all, an excellent post that will help Pomona bloggers get started.

But if you promise not to tell goga, can I let you in on a secret? The same tips that can help Pomona residents launch a Pomona blog can be used to help Ontario residents launch an Ontario blog.

And we have an airport...well, actually Los Angeles has our airport, but we have an airport located here, I guess.

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